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Great Cad Drafting Prices

Paper to Cad Conversion and Cad Drafting Services

All of our proposals are fixed quotes based on $18.00 per hour rate.

And we are offering to new customers a 5% off your first project

Describe your project in detail. For example, square footages of project, What design style you are looking for or what type of engineering drawing you need.

Scan any design drawings and upload them or email them to us. Or if you prefer just ship the designs you have to us and we will scan them and upload them for you. (Scanning Fee will apply)

Once we receive all of the information for your project we will email you a fixed quote with a timeframe.

We do not do home or site visits. If you need that service you should hire a local architect or designer.

We do not do scan to conversion. We do accurate manual conversions. They are accurate CAD drawings according to plan dimensions.

Manual Paper to Cad Conversions.

Paper or Velum drawing to CAD conversions, manually drafted.

Drawing Size Low Density Medium Density High Density
A (8.50x11 inches) $ 56.25 $ 62.50 $ 75.00
B (11x17 inches) $ 75.00 $ 87.50 $ 100.00
C (18x24 inches) $ 93.75 $ 112.50 $ 125.00
D (24x36 inches) $ 112.50 $ 137.50 $ 160.00
E (30x42 inches) $ 143.75 $ 162.50 $ 195.00
Density is defined as the amount of drawing content contained in the drawing. GreatCad will review the original drawing and submit a quote before beginning the project. All prices listed above are in US$ for mechanical and architectural drawings only. Other drawing types will need to be reviewed and quoted separately.

Plotting Price

We can plot your drawings in a variety of papers, here are the prices for bond and vellum paper. Add $ 5.00 per project. Shipping Charges extra as applicable.

Plotting Size (price per sheet) Bond (price per sheet) Vellum
A (8.50x11 inches) 50 cents $ 1.50
B (11x17 inches) 75 cents $ 2.75
C (18x24 inches) $ 1.50 $ 6.00
D (24x36 inches) $ 3.00 $ 12.00
E (30x42 inches) $ 4.50 $ 17.50

Scanning Charges

We can scan your paper drawings; here are the prices by size. Prices are per sheet plus $10 per project will be charged for all sizes above 8.5 x 11.

Paper Size For 1st sheet Each additional sheet
A (8.50x11 inches) $ 2.00 $ 1.00
B (11x17 inches) $ 5.00 $ 3.00
C (18x24 inches) $ 5.00 $ 3.00
D (24x36 inches) $ 5.00 $ 3.00
E (30x42 inches) $ 5.00 $ 3.00
$5 to write a cd and shipping charges as applicable.



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